Swell Investing for Financial Advisors
Maximize your clients’ returns while investing in progress.
Why Swell?
Swell provides returns-driven, tax-optimized impact portfolios that complement an overall allocation strategy. Our platform makes it easy to get started.

We empower financial advisors (like you) to guide their clients’ investments in alignment with their values — all without sacrificing returns.
A market opportunity
Socially responsible investing is the fastest growing segment of the investing management world, projected to reach $53 trillion by 2025.
Returns without compromise
Our aggregate thematic portfolios don’t sacrifice returns, and provide unique diversification to client portfolios.
Swell portfolios
Choose from curated combinations of publicly traded companies that stand to grow based on social and environmental trends.
Renewable Energy
Think wind turbines and solar panels
Green Tech
Think electric cars and LED lights
Clean Water
Think water filters and pipe repairs
Disease Eradication
Think immunizations and research
Healthy Living
Think nutrition and health centers
Zero Waste
Think recycling and repurposing
Each Swell holding connects to at least one the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, representing the greatest challenges facing our world.
Swell is a subsidiary of Pacific Life, an insurance company with 150 years of expertise providing a wide variety of insurance and financial services.
Key benefits
Account types
Individual and Corporate Taxable Accounts, IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA
Tax optimization
Swell works strategically to reduce your taxes where possible
Direct ownership
Clients own shares via a separately managed account structure
You may exclude companies that don't align with clients' values
Secure platform
Bank level security and development
No lock up periods
Unique diversification
Complements clients’ core holdings
No trading fees
Portfolio transparency
Ready to get started?
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Just the facts
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